Ontario Solar Academy's Professional PV Training Programs

Ontario Solar Academy, a division of Solar Academy International (SAI), founded in 2009, offers training courses designed by trade professionals to quickly advance your knowledge and skills in Solar PV (Photovoltaics). 

Our intensive programs feature a workshop of indoor (and weather permitting, outdoor) hands-on exercises preparing you for what you'll experience in the field. The best way to learn is by doing. Our instructors are highly regarded professionals with exceptional credentials and experience.  

Solar installations require well-trained designers, project managers and installers. If you are building a solar business, or seeking to enter the solar industry, this course is a must!

Five-Day Solar PV
Design _ Installation Course

February 22-26, Toronto, Ontario
Toronto Don Valley Hotel, 1250 Eglinton Ave. East 

$2,995 CDN
Includes tuition, all course materials, plus lunch  and refreshments
for five full days. 
Sessions are 8:30am to 5:30pm each day.
For detailed course information, click here.

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Compare prices for similar courses in the USA:
PA: $2,850 US! /  NJ:$3,495 US!

Ontario Focused Curriculum!

Proud CanSIA Member
Previously, the same 40 hour course was available only in the US. 
For the first time it is being offered in Ontario, with a focus on 
the Canadian Electrical Code and regulatory issues related to 
Ontario's microFIT and FIT.

Why travel hours south for more costly US courses and incur added travel / accommodation expenses? Receive similar training locally, with an Ontario focused curriculum! 


Classroom Instruction

  • Industry overview
  • Solar and Electricity Basics
  • Ontario Solar Economics
  • Solar System Design
  • Fall Safety
  • Inverter Design and String Sizing
  • Composition of a Solar Panel
  • Code and Permitting Considerations
  • Preparation for the Entry-Level NABCEP Exam

Hands-On Exercises

  • Site Survey and Shading analysis
  • Multiple Solar System Installations
          (full wiring, conduit panels, racking)
  • Working with Micro Inverters and String Inverters
  • Tile cutting, Roof Penetrations and Racking
  • Ground Mounts
  • Solar Tools Workshop
          (pulling wires, bending conduit, combiner boxes)
  • Load Center Tie-In  / Project Staging

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